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Goodwill Crafts - Our Manufacturing Process.

We wish you a warm welcome to GOODWILL CRAFTS. We are dealing in wooden & Iron handicrafts products such as home & living products, Decorative products & giftable items. We have Antique designs of Coasters, Trays, Games, Christmas ornaments, Cake stands, Candle Stands, Decorative wall Shelves, Mediation Benches, Jewellery boxes and many more
We are Exporter from India. Our MOQ is 100 PCs mostly, but in case if buyer required less than 100 PCs, then we give less than 100 PCs. We are flexible  with our Buyer. 

Step 1- wood selection

When we get the order, then we check which type of wood does Buyer want? Then we select wood from the below.

  • Mango Wood. 
  • Rose wood/ Sheesham Wood. 
  • Pine Wood. 

We Purchase Whole trees.(as in picture) Size of trees depend on our requirment.
But mostly we have stock of wood.

Step 2- Cutting of wood into sleepers

After the wood is selected, It goes for cuting on cuting machine( Big Araa Machine). Where the wood is converted into sleepers. We Decide the thickness of the sleeper, because sometimes we require the thickness are 4 inch, 5 inch, 6 inch and 8 inch,etc.

After the cutting is done, we put the wood in stock. As we received the order, then we take wood from stock and start the work.

Step 3- Cutting wo sleepers in required size or designs

cutting into shapes
Katai Machine

Now, We print our design on wood. After that the wood goes to the Machine( Katai Machine ). After cutting of design it goes to secand machine( chirai machine).for desired thickness or desired sizes.

Chirai Machine

Step 4- Assembling Process & Finishing Process of product.

Assembling Process

After Chirai Machine Process, now all the parts get assembled and formed a product. After assembling all the assembled products goes to the finishing process. Then Finished goods came into our hand. We checked the goods twice before packing.


Finishing Process

Finished prodcuts.

After all the process we get Finihed products. 

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