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Goodwill Crafts - There are 2 methods of using our websites.

1. Direct Inquiry.

Method 1 - Direct Inquiry

Step 1:- Go to 


Step 2:- Select your Category and Product.

Step 3:- Select the Qty of products.

Step 4:- Go to the Cart page.

Step 5:- Check the Qty of selected Products and click on the “Proceed to Chekout page”.

Step 6:- Fill the “Billing Details” correctly. So that We can Contact you. Then click on the ” Place Your Enquiry” Button. 

Final Step :- Congratulations you done it. Now, Just Wait. Our Team Follow Up / Contact you soon.

Method 2 - Sku Based.

Step 1 :- Check The Sku(SKU= Unique Product Id.) of every product and write it down. just tell us the sku so that we cn understand what product is required by you. 

Step 2 :- Write your Sku list on E-mail or Whatsapp . Sent this list to us, so, we can provide you the quatation of your required products.  

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